About Us

Welcome to the official website of the Paw Paw Hawg Hunters!

The Hawg Hunters have been holding Thursday night club bass tournaments in Southwest Michigan for over 20 years.

If you’re just starting out, been fishing for 30 years or just interested in joining a fun group of anglers every week we would love to have you join.

You certainly don’t need a “bass” boat to fish in the club.  Any boat with a functioning livewell is welcome to participate and compete.   Past and present club members have fished out of jon boats, v hulls, walleye boats to name a few.  We have a great group of anglers who love to compete but also like to have fun on a weekly basis.  We believe in good sportsmanship and proper fish care.   We strive to respect everyone on the water, our fellow anglers as well as others enjoying the outdoors. We do our best to quickly weigh and release fish in good healthy condition after every tournament.

If you’re interested in joining us for the 2020 season or want more information, please reach out to Mark via text or phone call at 269-271-2582.